Badger Brothers Coffee

Badger Brothers Coffee is dedicated to providing you with the finest coffee drinks and roasted coffee available. They use a state-of-the-art single pass fluid bed roaster to allow a high degree of control in the roasting process.  Their roaster removes chaff during the roasting process to give the coffee a cleaner taste with significantly less bitterness. They never roast more coffee than they can use in a short period of time. This ensures coffee freshness and quality. In the shop they use only La Marzocco espresso equipment and treat their water to ensure the best espresso possible.  They extensively train their staff to ensure your drinks are the best they can be!  So stop in an enjoy a cup of your favorite, served up in an airy, welcoming space, so that you can relax, enjoy, and occasionally unwind to the sound of local live music.  They also sell all of their small batch, fresh roasted coffee beans online.


Monday - Friday:  6:30AM - 5PM

Saturday - Sunday:  8AM - 5PM

Business Category: 
Eateries, Spirits & Specialty Foods
Phone Number: 
(608) 348-7764
10 East Main Street