There’s always something happening on Platteville Main Street.

Jul 16, 2014

Join us for Music in the Park at City Park in Downtown Platteville

Music in the Park is open to the public free of charge. Funding is provided in part by the City of Platteville along with sponsor donations.

Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy performances by local musical groups. Concessions are provided by the Platteville Main Street Program and Gina's Restaurant.

Feel free to bring the adult beverage of your choice and picnic with us in the park.

The program is provided by the Platteville Main Street Program and the City of Platteville.

The following is a listing of dates and performers.
Date Scheduled Band
06/19/2014 City Band
06/26/2014 Aquatic Hitchhikers
07/10/2014 Takin' the Fifth
07/17/2014 Mama's Puddin'
07/24/2014 The Wundo Band (Party in the Park)
07/31/2014 Okham's Razor
08/07/2014 The Matriarchs
08/14/2014 Mascot Theory
08/21/2014 Swingtet (Main Street Annual Celebration)

May 6, 2014

Thanks to the creative designs of several local and regional artists and metal workers, Platteville’s Main Street district will welcome 4 additional creative bike racks to the landscape, as well as a Platteville Middle School and High School collaborative bike rack whose future home will be Legion Park.  The creative designs were submitted in response to a competition, which was organized and managed by the Platteville Main Street Sustainability Committee and generously funded by a grant from the Platteville Community Fund, funds from the Platteville Main Street program and the City of Platteville/Safe Routes program.  This is the second year of what is now an annual Bicycle Festival at the end of National Bike to Work Week which supports the communities growing interest in biking, recreational trails and healthy/active lifestyles in our community.

5pm - Creative Bike Rack Unveiling Walking Tour - meet the artists! begins at Livingston State Bank, 170 West Main

6pm - Bike Tour - bring your bike and helmet for a family friendly bike ride! begins at Momentum Bikes, 25 West Main

6:45pm - Food, Music and Fun! at the Platteville City Park


2014 Bike Rack Locations and Artists:

Livingston State Bank  

Title:  Wheels on the Rising Sun

Artist: Brandon k. Marteny, Platteville, WI


Cold Fusion

Title: Miner's Tribute

Artists: Jennifer Haile & Jeff Baker/Baker Iron Works, Platteville, WI


Platteville Post Office

Title: USPS – Mail Rack

Artists: Team Schwert, Gays Mills, WI


Platteville Police Department

Title: Platteville Police Department. Bicycle Rack

Artists: Emily Fields & Jeff Baker/Baker Iron Works, Platteville, WI


Legion Park and Field

Title: BART the Cow

Artists: Platteville Middle School Students - Rachel Burkard, Harllie Vosberg, Cameron Sokolik

Platteville High School Welding Students & Jeff Baker/Baker Iron Works, Platteville, WI

May 1, 2014

The 2014 WalkDown Main has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to the 2015 event.

Apr 23, 2014


Five unique designs will be installed during Bike to Work Week this spring

Thanks to the creative designs of several local community members, artists, and metal workers, Platteville’s Main Street District will soon be home to five more unique bike racks.  The creative designs were submitted in response to a competition, which was organized and managed by the Platteville Main Street Sustainability Committee and generously funded by a grant from the Platteville Community Fund.  This is the result of the Platteville Main Street Sustainability Committee’s Creative Bike Rack Design Competition, in which community members and metal workers were invited to submit design proposals for functional public art bike racks.

The competition winners are:

  • Jennifer Haile of Dubuque, IA and Jeff Baker of Baker Ironworks of Platteville, WI.  Jennifer’s design is a tribute to all the original miners that made Platteville what it is today will be featured at Cold Fusion.
  • Emily Fields and Jeff Baker of Baker Ironworks of Platteville, WI.  The Fields-Baker Ironworks team’s collaborative design features a police badge for the Police Department.
  • Brandon Marteny of Platteville, WI.  Brandon’s stylized sun & wheel design will be installed in front of Livingston State Bank.
  • The John, Lois, Sandi, and Sheri Schwert family team of Gays Mills, WI.  Team Schwert’s stylized design features the letters USPS in front of the Platteville Post Office.
  • 7th Grade Students(Designers) – Rachel Burkard, Harllie Vosberg, Cameron Sokolik & Platteville High School Students (Fabricators) of Platteville, WI.  The students’ design titled “Bart the Cow” is the winning choice from a total of 125 students in four classes as part of a 1st semester “Gateway to Technology” class project.  “Bart the Cow” will have a permanent home at Legion Field, the home of Dairy Days.

"The Platteville Creative Bike Rack Design Competition Committee was very impressed by the quality and variety of the 2014 design submissions.  To be able to add five more functional artistic bike racks to the Downtown area brings a sense of tremendous satisfaction to the Sustainability Committee", said Jack Luedtke the Executive Director of the Platteville Main Street Program.

These racks will help increase the amount of bike parking in several key areas that are currently underserved: Main Street, the post office, the police department, Legion Field, and the middle school.  They support continual efforts to make Platteville a bike-friendly city and encourage community health by promoting physical activity. 

The Platteville Main Street Sustainability Committee meets on the third Thursday of every month at 6pm at Driftless Market and is open to everyone interested in advancing sustainability principles in Platteville. For more information about the Platteville Main Street Sustainability Committee, please contact Heidi McBeth at Heidi@driftlessmarket.com or (608) 348-2696.

Apr 23, 2014


“The Evolution of Platteville Higher Education”

Platteville, WI, April 25, 2014:  The Platteville Main Street Program is pleased to present the 2014 WalkDown Main, a historic traveling dinner, focusing on the history of higher education in Platteville. The May 7th event starts at Roundtree Hall which was home to the original Normal School and ends with dinner at the Nohr Gallery. The featured program will be presented by UWP Archivist James Hibbard. The cost for the event is $45/person or $80/couple. To join us for an evening of history, food and fun contact the Platteville Main Street office at 608.348.4505 or email Jack at director@plattevillemainstreet.com. Reservations need to be in by Friday, May 2nd.

Apr 4, 2014

Announcement of Upcoming “Eating Local on a Budget” Workshop

The Driftless Market, Platteville Farmers Market, and Platteville Main Street Sustainability Committee are excited to partner with the Dubuque County ISU Extension to host a spring educational class in order for the community to prepare for spring and seasonal eating! Regional foods coordinator, Brittany Bethel, will provide suggestions and solutions for eating healthy and locally-sourced food on a budget.

This workshop will provide an overview of why it’s important to eat local, will reference research done comparing the cost of local vs. non-local foods and will offer practical advice on how to eat nutritious, seasonal, local and affordable meals.

Following the workshop participants will have the opportunity to visit a variety of local foods displays, and sample tasty local foods. Displays include tables by the Driftless Market, Platteville Farmers Market, Platteville Main Street Sustainability Committee / Backyard Composting, and Two Onion Farm will have a display on featuring a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). This event will be kicking off the start of the regular Farmers Market season in Platteville, located at the City Park, just off of the historic Main Street district.

Cost for attending the class is a $5.00 donation for the Senior Nutrition/Food Pantry Voucher Program. Class is FREE for students.

What: “Eat Local on a Budget” workshop
When: Saturday, April 27th 10:00am-12:00pm
Location: Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room
250 Market Street
Platteville, WI 53818

For questions, please call 608-348-2696 or e-mail heidi@driftlessmarket.com
Visit www.driftlessmarket.com

Feb 18, 2014

Hendrica Regez, Artist of the Month

Throughout the month of February, Rountree Gallery’s Artist of the Month display at Clare Bank in Platteville will be featuring the artwork collection of Hendrica Regez of Galena, Illinois.

Hendrica Regez is a versatile artist who paints with acrylics and also creates wearable art as well as art from recycled materials. Drawing on her experiences as a mother, engineer and environmentalist, she incorporates into her work a variety of theoretical ideas. Her paintings are inspired by the patterns found in Nature, and she is drawn to strong, simple shapes set off against vibrant colors. This creates artworks with a  startling contrast that makes one pause and focus on what is essential. In her latest work, she is experimenting with using quilt and ‘tangle’ patterns producing works that are a fusion of artistic skills, pioneer roots and mathematical concepts.

Hendrica , aka 'Rica', grew up in a small village in Germany, and early on became absorbed by the patterns all around us: the shapes, colors and cycles, that are repeated in all aspects of life and are universally understood. Taught about materials and tools by her father, an artist working as an architect and her grandmother, a seamstress, she developed a deep appreciation and understanding of artisan labor and craftsmanship. Further study and experimentation led her to develop her own acrylic technique as a vehicle for exploring the patterns of Nature.

Her nontraditional use of acrylics combines the spontaneity of watercolors with the texture of impasto. It creates three-dimensional layers of color with varying degrees of opacity and translucency. Her style is uniquely her own, and builds on her studies of symbols and modern art movements. She has invented her own iconographic language to communicate concepts and emotions.“I always wanted to paint to express my wonder at the shapes and patterns that can evoke such strong responses in us. There is such beauty in Nature, and at the same time, Nature always has a darker side. In my paintings I represent that with the tension between the colors and shapes,” says Hendrica.


The unique combination of elements Hendrica Regez brings to her work – artistic certainly “speaks for itself”, when seen in the context of the artist’s background, ideas, and, personal and professional – gives her the credibility of an original. While each individual piece of hers singular technique, it clearly gains a degree of vitality and significance that indicates the true measure of her work.

Hendrica invites you to see a sampling of her artwork at Rountree Gallery’s Artist of the Month display at Clare Bank, located at 345 West Pine Street, Platteville.

Jan 9, 2014

Election raises enough to purchase another AED

The residents and visitors to the City of Platteville made their choice.

After a three-week-long election for four candidates vying for the honor of being named the first Scrooge for the City of Platteville, the winner is Larry Bierke, City of Platteville City Manager.

Bierke won over Jack Luedtke, Platteville Main Street Program Executive Director; Connie Valenza, Platteville School District superintendent; and Dennis Cooley, UW–Platteville Foundation executive director.

“I need to thank the people of Platteville who voted in the ‘Choose a Scrooge’ election and to the competition who made this election so enjoyable,” said Bierke. “The competition was good spirited, fun and exciting.

“Ebenezer Scrooge was once described as a ‘despicable old miser’ who made good in the end and doubled Bob Cratchit’s wages. In Platteville I can’t double anyone’s wages, but I am thrilled to know that the funds raised will be put to good use helping those in need of emergency care.”

Votes at $1 each raised $1,671.32 for the City of Platteville’s Project Pulse, which has a goal of having an Automated External Defibrillator in all the public city buildings along with replacing the old AEDs in the police department squad cars. The cost of the AED and necessary accessories is $1,600.

Through Project Pulse, AEDs are currently available at the Platteville Senior Center, Platteville Public Library, Platteville Family Aquatic Center and two in police department squad cars. The amount raised will allow the city to purchase the sixth of 20 necessary AEDs.

Ballots were cast at the Municipal Building, Platteville Public Library, Country Kitchen, Platteville Regional Chamber and Heiser Hardware. Mound City Bank helped tabulate the ballots.

To donate or for further information on Project Pulse, contact EMS Administrator Brian Allen, allenb@platteville.org, 348-1835.


Dec 3, 2013

Top Main Street Revitalization Programs and Volunteers Honored
WAUSAU, October 25, 2013 – The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) recognized the best downtown revitalization projects of 2012-2013 at the 23rd Annual Wisconsin Main Street Awards at the Jefferson Street Inn in downtown Wausau.

Reed Hall, secretary and CEO of WEDC, was on hand to recognize the efforts by Main Street volunteers and staff for the historic preservation and downtown economic development efforts of communities in Wisconsin.

The Platteville community brought home the following awards:
Best Public-Private Partnership in Downtown Revitalization
Winner: Second Street Renovation, City of Platteville & Platteville Main Street Program

Best Sustainability Effort
Winner: Sustainability Committee, Platteville Main Street Program

Best Interior Renovation Project
Honorable Mention: Gina’s Restaurant & Bar, Platteville

Recognized as 2012-13 Main Street Volunteers of the Year
Heidi Dyas-McBeth, Platteville

Recognized as 2012-13 Main Street Honorary Board of Directors
Les Hollingsworth, Platteville

Wisconsin Main Street is a community development program through WEDC, targeting Wisconsin's historic commercial districts. WEDC provides technical support and training to Wisconsin communities to revitalize their traditional business districts based on historic preservation developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Wisconsin's has 35 Main Street Communities. Since the program started in 1987, the communities participating in Wisconsin’s Main Street program helped 4,500 businesses get started, creating 17,000 jobs. The Main Street development efforts leveraged $900 million in private investment.

Dec 2, 2013

Project Pulse presents "Choose a Scrooge"
December 2-23, 2013
$1.00 per vote to select the Scrooge of the Year (Ballot stuffing is encouraged)
Ballot Boxes are located at:  Chamber of Commerce, Country Kitchen, City Hall, Platteville Main Street Program, Heiser Hardware, Platteville Public Library

Jack Luedtke, Platteville Main Street Program Executive Director
  "I will ban all cell phones & tablets from Main Street and all of Platteville"
Connie Valenza, Platteville School District Superintendent
  "No homework over holiday break, BECAUSE THERE WILL BE NO BREAK"
Larry Bierke, City of Platteville City Manager
  "Everyone should be shoveling the streets with a slotted spoon!"
Dennis Cooley, UW-Platteville Foundation Executive Director
  "Anyone caught smiling should be charged at least $1.  They obviously aren't working hard enough."

Proceeds benefit PROJECT PULSE to purchase AEDs (Defibrillators).
Checks, made payable to Platteville EMS, accepted.  For your vote to count, please note your choice of Scrooge on the check and mail to P.O. Box 780, Platteville, WI 53818.